How to Choose the Perfect Hat for Summer Weddings and Events

Summer weddings and events call for a perfect blend of elegance and sophistication, and selecting the right headwear can significantly elevate your ensemble. Whether you are a wedding guest or the bride, the right hat or can complement your outfit, enhance your style, and help you make a truly unforgettable impression.

In this guide, we’ll explore how to choose the ideal headwear for different roles, with bonus tips and tricks on selecting the right accessory based on your hair length. Also, make sure you read our comprehensive guide to the hottest wedding trends of Summer 2024!

A Guide For Wedding Guests

As a wedding guest, the right headwear can transform your outfit from beautiful but forgettable to stunning and truly memorable. The right hat or fascinator elevates your look, adding sophistication and flair. It’s your moment to shine, showcasing your style while perfectly complementing the event’s vibe. Here are our top tips to help you choose the perfect hat or fascinator that will make you stand out with confidence and leave a lasting impression!

Match the Formality: Consider the dress code and formality of the wedding. For a formal, black-tie event, opt for more elaborate headpieces such as large hats adorned with feathers, flowers, or bows. Here at the London-based Alexandra Harper Millinery, we adore feather creations – “Spirit Beyond Yourself”, an extravagant headpiece in a beautiful verdant shade, would be perfect for a formal wedding. For a more casual, garden-style wedding, a smaller hat or a delicate fascinator will be more on point.

Coordinate with Your Outfit: Your headwear should complement your outfit in terms of colour, style, and proportion. If your dress is heavily patterned, choose a simple, solid-coloured hat or fascinator. Conversely, a plain outfit can be jazzed up with a more elaborate headpiece. Ensure the colours either match or harmonise well with your attire.

Consider the Venue: The venue plays a crucial role in your choice of headwear. Outdoor weddings allow for larger and more whimsical hats, while indoor settings might require more restrained choices. Always keep practicality in mind, especially if the event involves a lot of movement or dancing.

Balance Your Look: Your hat or should balance your overall look. If your outfit has bold shoulders or a high neckline, opt for a smaller, more understated piece to avoid looking overwhelmed. On the other hand, if your dress is simple and sleek, a statement hat can add the perfect touch of drama.

Examples of Perfect Choices:

Wide-brimmed hats: Ideal for sunny outdoor weddings, providing both style and sun protection.

Pillbox hats: Classy and elegant, perfect for formal indoor weddings. Our Luster design, featuring multi-tonal, flower-shaped sequins, is the perfect example of a wedding-appropriate pillbox style.

Floral : Light and whimsical, great for garden or beach weddings.

A Headwear Guide For Brides

When planning bridal attire, it’s common to focus on the wedding gown, which is often considered the focal point of the look. Yet, don’t underestimate the impact of the right headwear. It not only complements the gown but also elevates the entire ensemble, infusing it with an extra touch of elegance. Explore these essential tips to help you, the bride, select the ideal headpiece for your special day.

Match the Dress Style: Your headwear should align with the style and formality of your wedding dress. A vintage lace dress pairs beautifully with a classic birdcage veil or a vintage-inspired fascinator. In contrast, a modern, sleek gown will look stunning with a minimalist, chic headpiece. Our Spring/Summer 2024 collection features a range of hats and in bridal shades of white, cream and ivory, ideal for the modern bride.

Coordinate with Your Hairstyle: Consider how your chosen headwear will work with your planned hairstyle. Discuss with your hairstylist to ensure the fits well and stays in place throughout the event.

Reflect the Wedding Theme: Your headwear should reflect the overall theme and mood of your wedding. For a romantic, fairy-tale wedding, a traditional tiara or a floral crown is the perfect choice. For a contemporary urban wedding, a sleek, stylish might be more appropriate.

Practicality and Comfort: Ensure that your headwear is comfortable to wear for extended periods. It should be secure enough to stay in place but not so tight that it causes discomfort.

Tips & Tricks for Shorter Hair

The right headwear can help women with short hair make a striking impression, whether they are opting for a hat, fascinator or other accessories. Here are our top tips:

Embrace Smaller

Small are ideal for short hair, as they won’t overwhelm your look. Choose pieces with delicate details, such as feathers, beads, or lace, to add elegance without bulk.

Use Headbands and Clips

Headbands work wonderfully with short hair. They are easy to attach and stay secure, providing a stylish touch without needing elaborate hairstyles. If hats feel too much, you can also consider elegant hair accessories like jewelled clips or combs. They can add a touch of sparkle and sophistication without overwhelming your hairstyle. Our Spring/Summer 2024 collection offers a broad selection of headbands and clips that are perfect for shorter hair: one example is our silk moiré butterfly bow clip, which will instantly elevate your look with its charming butterfly design.

Try Vintage Styles

Short hair pairs beautifully with vintage-inspired hats, such as cloche hats or pillbox hats. These styles sit close to the head and complement the sleek lines of short hairstyles. Our bandeau-style hat is the perfect example of a vintage-inspired design that will beautifully complement shorter hairstyles.

Tips & Tricks For Longer Hair

Women with long hair have plenty of styling options when it comes to headwear. Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect hat or fascinator:

Experiment with Hairstyles

Long hair allows for versatile styling, so consider how you want to wear your hair with your headwear. Updos can look elegant with larger hats, while loose waves can complement smaller fascinators.

Balance Volume

Ensure that your headwear balances with the volume of your hair. If you have thick, voluminous hair, a larger hat or a statement can create a balanced look. For sleeker styles, choose a more understated piece. In Someone Else’s Shoes – a bold and distinctly statement-making creation – might just be the ideal choice if you seek a that harmonises with both the length and volume of your hair.

Secure Your Headwear

Long hair can sometimes make it challenging to secure hats and fascinators. Use discreet pins and clips to ensure your headwear stays in place. Consider working with your hairstylist to integrate the headpiece into your hairstyle for extra security.

In Someone Else’s Shoes is big and bold, perfect for longer and voluminous hairstyles.

Find Your Perfect Summer Wedding Hat At Alexandra Harper Millinery

We hope you’ve enjoyed this expert guide on choosing the perfect hat for summer weddings. Selecting the ideal headwear can significantly enhance your outfit, ensuring you stand out with elegance and sophistication. Whether you are a wedding guest or the bride, consider the formality of the event, the style of your outfit, and your hairstyle when choosing your hat or fascinator.

Remember that headwear is a canvas for self-expression: don’t be afraid to be bold and embrace headpieces that truly reflect your individuality and style!

While Alexandra Harper Milliner offers a wide selection of headpieces that will elevate any wedding outfit – as demonstrated by the exquisite creations showcased in this article – some occasions call for something truly one-of-a-kind. If you would like a bespoke headpiece for a wedding or a special event, why not explore our custom design service? This service allows us to craft an entirely bespoke piece that fits your exact vision, a legacy that can be passed down the generations as an enduring memento of this once-in-a-lifetime occasion.

You can visit us in the studio, your home, or a mutually convenient location. Consultations are also available via phone, Zoom, or email. We’ll keep you updated with photos and progress reports as we craft your bespoke piece, matching colours and fabrics to your outfit, including custom dyeing if needed. Typically, the process takes around two to three weeks and is well worth the short wait. Reach out to Alexandra today to begin crafting your one-of-a-kind millinery masterpiece.