Grand National Fashion Predictions 2024

Now that one of the most anticipated days of the British sporting and social calendars is fast approaching, we thought it the perfect time to share our insights into the latest fashion trends and give you some advice so you can feel confident and poised at Aintree Racecourse this April.

Whether you’re a seasoned attendee or planning your first Grand National experience, this guide is designed to let you know what trends you’re likely to see at Aintree in 2024. Alexandra Harper’s unique collections have made regular appearances at the Grand National over the years, so following her lead, we’ll have you putting together a show-stopping ensemble in no time!

The Significance of Millinery at the Grand National

Before we dive into our predictions, it’s important to note that no outfit is complete without headwear, especially when it comes to race-day fashion. Whether it’s a hat, headband, or other hair accessories, how you adorn your head is a big focus and typically plays a large part in the Grand National fashion trends. Remember, headwear always makes a statement, even when paired with a neutral or simple outfit.

Of course, when attending such a famed event, the key to standing out is feeling confident and expressing your individual style. As Alexandra Harper notes, “A hat can elevate an outfit from lovely to unforgettable”, so when incorporating headwear into your look, always stay true to your own style, and your individuality will really shine.

Our Grand National Fashion Predictions 

To start, it’s worth mentioning that this year’s Pantone’s colour of the year is ‘Peach Fuzz’, a very warming tone bound to make many appearances over this year’s fashion calendar and a definite fail-safe for any Aintree look.

Little White Dresses

The Grand National is held during early Spring, so predicting white as a trend may not be groundbreaking! But as we’ve seen from Vogue’s 2024 Spring Trends To Watch, white dresses will take a more modern approach this year. From crisp cotton to structured necklines, this new level of bold white will be popular throughout the season.

If you do decide on a white dress or perhaps a crisp, tailored suit for the Grand National, fully embrace the Spring vibe and compliment your look with our ‘Heaven Is Internal’ headpiece. Handmade raffia pompoms sit on top of a petite, conical base, creating a dramatic look and timeless silhouette.

Layers of Sheer 

To complement the soft shades of Spring, we expect to see many sheer layers introduced into simple garments as a way of adding character, contrast and depth. The delicateness of tulle, mesh and chiffon will grace both dresses and suits over the coming months to add that light and breezy aesthetic that works perfectly for the outdoor setting of the Grand National.

We recommend pairing this soft and delicate vibe with our bold and structured ‘Wild Kingdom’ headpiece to really make a statement. This subtly avant-garde and tantalisingly textural headpiece is one of the hallmark pieces of the SS24 ‘Mistress of the Transcendental’ Collection. It’s light, breathtaking and revolutionary.

A Pocketful of Roses

The last trend we’ll be delving into is florals, specifically roses. Whether it’s as a pattern or beautiful rose appliqué, roses will be in full bloom this Spring. If you do opt to include a bold floral in your Grand National outfit, you will certainly turn heads as you enter the course. 

If this ultra-feminine and sensual flower is your race day choice, pair your outfit with our timeless ‘Grounding’ side-beret headpiece. A cacophony of swirls and curves, this gorgeous design will complement your bold outfit and provide an interesting balance of modern meets classic. This headpiece can also be made to order in virtually any colour, so you create something unique and perfectly matched to your colour theme.

Finish Your Outfit with Alexandra Harper

We believe that headwear should be the centrepiece of any race-day outfit, but we also understand that feeling comfortable at an all-day event like the Grand National is essential. That’s why we pride ourselves on producing light and breathable headpieces designed to feel as though they’re not even there. 

We are extremely proud of our latest Spring/Summer collection, which has been designed with the latest trends in mind. Whether your style is sleek and simple or extravagant and bold, we are confident there will be something suited to you. If you can’t find headwear to suit your chosen outfit, we encourage you to take advantage of our custom design service that allows us to create a bespoke piece to your exact vision. 

The Grand National is more than just a race; it’s a celebration of style, tradition, and individual expression. This year, stand out from the crowd with bold, bright whites, soft, captivating sheers and delicate roses – with a little help from headwear that screams sophistication and high style! 

Alexandra Harper and her exquisite millinery designs are at your service, ready to help you make a statement at Aintree. So embrace the excitement, prepare to turn heads, and most importantly, enjoy every moment of the Grand National 2024.