Paris Fashion Week: How To Wear The Trends

As we wrap up yet another vibrant and conversation-sparking Paris Fashion Week, it’s time to translate the high fashion drama from the runway to our everyday wardrobe. This year’s event was packed with iconic moments, from Schiaparelli debuting hair extension neckties to Julia Fox strutting the catwalk draped with Mongolian faux fur in her first PFW appearance for Pressiat.

This article will guide you through how to style the trend-setting looks of Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2024 in both everyday and event settings. Through the lens of Alexandra Harper Millinery, a beacon of exquisite headwear in London, we’ll also discuss which hats and accessories were present on the catwalk and how we can help you channel those looks with our own extensive collection.  

An Overview of Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2024

Paris Fashion Week left us inspired, unveiling captivating trends that promise to shape our fashion choices towards the end of the year. The runways were ablaze with sheer garments revealing the female form, repurposed accessories like the ‘bag dresses’ from Acne Studios, and sensual and languid fabrications. Let’s delve into some of these looks, decoding how they can transition from the Parisian catwalks to your very own wardrobe.

Trend 1: Fur-Tastic

Fur (faux, that is), while always a common staple of A/W collections, was portrayed in a new way this season – even bolder than usual, houses such as Saint Laurent and Celine used plush shawls, capes and statement headpieces to proclaim a fierce femininity and bold silhouette.

How to Wear

To infuse this trend into your everyday wardrobe, you could try accessorising your more neutral suits with a bold fur scarf or shawl. At an event or evening gathering, you might pair a simple silk camisole with a faux fur bomber jacket – the key is to embrace fluidity and move away from the sharp, rigid lines of structured garments.

Matching with AHM Headwear

Alexandra Harper’s Millinery offers the perfect accompaniment to a fur-focused evening look.  ‘Supreme Flash’ is a statement light-blue headpiece that will contrast beautifully with any fur texture. The piece is made of hand-twisted goose feathers in the loveliest sky-blue, sculptured into an exploding nest which sits on top of a silk-covered, skullcap-style base. The bright feathers will add a new layer of texture to your look and will leave a lasting impression.

Trend 2: Ravishing Ruffles

We predict that classic ruffles will be seen everywhere this A/W. Always adding that feminine and elegant touch to any outfit, on this year’s Paris Fashion Week catwalks, ruffles of dainty lace and sheer chiffon gave a real sense of grace and elegance. Ethereal gowns and languid ensembles seemed to float down the runway, a homage to nature’s soft, gentle allure.

How to Wear It

We suggest easily incorporating this trend into your daily wardrobe with blouses and shirts that feature ruffled sleeves or front panels – or, for a more glamorous evening look, ornate drop-waist gowns with ruffled skirts. 

Matching with AHM Headwear

With such a flowy, organic aesthetic, we recommend a structural headpiece from the AHM collection that will contrast with the rest of your outfit. Opt for a hat with a pronounced brim or a sculptural piece such as the ‘Luster’ headpiece, which comprises multi-tonal, flower-shaped sequins that have been hand-sewn onto a petite pillbox base. This will immediately add an avant-garde touch to your look.

Trend 3: Stand-Out Headwear

Last but not least, we focus specifically on the many forms of headwear that finished off a great number of PFW catwalk looks. At Pressiat, for example, oversized headdresses were paired with black body paint to make a remarkable and truly memorable statement. 

Recreate the Look With AHM Headwear         

Of course, every outfit needs a talking point, and our ‘Spirit Beyond Yourself’ headpiece will be the talk of any gathering. Consisting of variegated green ostrich feathers, this bold and beautiful headpiece will truly complement any outfit. It’s dramatic, daring and beautifully breathtaking.

Let Us Prepare You At Alexandra Harper Millinery

One of the ultimate takeaways from PFW was headwear – and it was about both complementing an overall look but also about making timeless, striking statements. From turbans and headbands to intricately detailed headpieces, the message was clear: hats are not afterthoughts but integral elements of fashion ensembles. Paris has once again set the stage for a year of dynamic, diverse and exciting fashion.

Let us help you express your individuality and bring the catwalk styles to life with headwear that says it all from Alexandra Harper Millinery.